Our goal

Redefining Ownership.

The Vvend story started from our final days of medical school. I and Ovi were in our finals, with loads of dinners and expenses that got us thinking about our wallets.

We were concerned about what to wear, and not just that, but wearing something really nice. We wanted to feel confident about the dress we were going to wear.  But we had a problem, our wallets didn’t support our dream apparels. What made this more painful was that, we might not get to wear those dresses again after the events because they were occasion specific.

I, ovi and Benchie started talking to our colleagues about this and we noticed it was a challenge for everyone too. Why should your wallets be a restriction to how you dress ? Why own a dress you can’t wear more than once ? Why  say I have nothing to wear when you can have everything to wear ? Everything gets old, so why own ? Why not access instead of ownership.

Vvend was created to answer those questions. Vvend is the future of getting dressed, and we are excited about being the crazy ones to start it. Join us !!!


To help create a world where you have infinite access to a virtual wardrobe that makes you feel new, confident and proud. We believe this to be fun, effortless and empowering.


Belonging !

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